NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 27 – Write a Hay(na)ku or series – Mrs Browns – One & Two

I quite like my first Mrs Brown but I suddenly found myself going a little beyond the hay(na)ku sonnet devised by Vincent Gotera and adding not just an envoi to the first but going on to do a second sonnet etc.

Mrs Browns – One & Two


  1. Changeable Weather


Mrs Brown

walked to town.



so crowded

people, cars, people.



over town;

forgotten, her umbrella.



Cold, shivering

she stumbles home.


Sets her fire

Pours a whisky.


Envoi –


Pours a whisky

Sets her fire.


Mrs Brown

  1. By Royal Command



with me

his mother’s ring.



her room

the ghillie slept.


Hearsay –

Lewis Harcourt

in his diary.



not unknown

betwixt servant, monarch.


His photograph also

In her hand.


Envoi –


A faithful servant

Loyal unto death.

Benita H. Kape © 28.4.2015


ghillie – an outdoors servant, Scottish


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