Woven Flax Kete & Earrings (two pairs). Christmas gifts skillfully crafted by Te Whui.




I write a poem most days of the year.

But Christmas Day is a day when,

this year, as in most years, I haven’t

a moment to spare in which to write

a poem; my head not spinning

with poems, not even a book of poems

given me for Christmas this year.


But oh, how very precious the day

and the gifts I received from

family and friends. Photographs;

one of a proud grandson

holding a whopper trout,

which, having no camera

to hand at the time, he

rushed madly (a two-hour drive)

into town for his mate to photograph.

And then another photograph

of two happy and delightful

great-grandchildren at school earlier

in the year. I received a tiny, tiny

spinning top with a smiley face.

Yes, that will be fun to spin and muse upon

when in need of inspiration. And Brie,

(love my kai) another gift on the menu.

Small packets of shortbread and cherries.


Some nickers, (certainly handy).

A fashionable, go-anywhere, top.

And then: I wish you could see it,

smell it, hold it, marvel at it as I am

holding now, a flax kete skillfully crafted

by a loved one. Plus woven flax earrings;

how special is that? The wonderful time,

the family together; the sun (unexpectedly)

coming out. The kai and the kai, and the kai:

and the clean-up.


That was my Christmas Day

and this is my Boxing Day poem number 2.

Just doing a catch-up, the two days;

two poems could not be more different, and

the third poem again something like this

a basket of goodies.


Benita H. Kape © 26.12.2018


* kai   =  food

* kete  = basket


Ryan overjoyed at catch.jpg

Ryan  and  trout