I Only Have Eyes For Prince Harry


Prince Harry gets hugs Prince Harry, Luke Vincent and Megan — Photo Credit (AAP)

I  Only  Have  Eyes  For  Harry

for;  Little Luke Vincent


I only have eyes for Prince Harry

today when he visited my school.

The Principal guided me

in his direction, which was cool.

My name is Luke Vincent.

I only have eyes for Prince Harry.

I wore my sun hat and glasses.

I never noticed the world press

was here recording us. This, they

say, has gone viral. The Duchess

was there too and I gave her

a quick cuddle but, the truth is,

I only had eyes for Prince Harry

and his lovely red beard

which someone said; it was

a wonder of wonders, that

I was permitted to stroke.

I came back for a second touch

and a tickle. More cuddles

dear Prince Harry,

I only have eyes for you.

Please come again to Dubbo

and again…

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Halls of Windsor Palace – Introduction

Archie (CNN photo credit)

CNN  photo credit


Halls of Windsor Palace: Introduction

               (Sonnet to Archie)


Her wrist is not that of a teenage Mum,

Meghan has squared cut short fingernails,

A sensible cut; nothing to get caught

In the fine threads of his royal garments.

He sleeps contentedly and a few hours later

We are advised of the name of the now

Seventh in line to the throne of England;

The first dual citizen royal: but very US of A.


Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


Harry looks a natural as he holds his son.

He touches the infant face making new parent

Discoveries even as we watch. Bless you, Harry,

That is what we call downy, the hair of the new-born.

Meghan says their baby is of sweet temperament:

A dream, very calm. Sleep little man: we rejoice.


Benita H. Kape © 9.5.2019