NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 12 – Describe a room. – A Room of Rainbows

Willow st fireplace.

A   Room   Of   Rainbows


French doors open onto rainbows in the late afternoon,

crystals hanging at a leadlight window. The mantelpiece

is cluttered, the collection eclectic, antique glass vases

rub shoulders with a tiny birds’ nest, a sweet gift

from child; a mosaic by another. An onyx swan from

another. A small Wedgewood plaque, (this from my

mother-in-law) exquisite Pegasus and goddesses

delicately chiselled in white onto blue. On the walls

art and a stopped clock, kept for its colourful appeal

rather than my necessary reminder of time. Time falls

away here in my sanctuary.


Familiar faces on the wall; a scattering of small tables

around the room, each with a cargo of books. Hidden

behind a chair, a basket of embroideries, works in progress.

Squeezed there also canisters of CDs, discs and tapes

of anything from opera to country music. And at certain

times of the day the cat will be lolling on the carpet, or up

on rugged chairs, avoiding that expensive leather cushion: (whew!

so thankful for that.)


If you feel an aura in the room, I call it love. Sorrow has had

its moments here though more often the everyday comings

and goings I cannot take for granted, a life worked hard for.


Take a seat, delve into the bookcase as autumn begins. I’ll

be sitting here taking up my embroidery recalling nights

of love making on the rug before the cosy fire. And the dirty

little secret, again hidden behind another chair, is a box filled

with magazines I continue to finger through wasting yet

another afternoon.

Benita H. Kape © 13.4.2015


All Cretans are liars should be the title of this poem. I’ve never actually had the pleasure of making love on this particular carpet which I can’t quite add into the poem. Don’t want to spoil it.