NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 15 – ‘write a poem that addresses itself or some aspect of its self’

Cheesy Talks Meets Cynicism & Sarcasm

. choosing one-liners / a choice for brevity /  about time rules / don’t believe no rules apply extending our experiment / allows you and me an extension of topic I’ll brush the cherry blossoms from the page / you can now replace them with grenades naked we both gaze at the moon / waiting for her reply / have neither of you any shame sheltered upbringing / not knowing a compliment from a curse tying my shoe lace / it’s you who hesitated / and it was  you who put me of my stride are you counting syllables / a poem intuits itself / don’t stop there having fun writing one-liners / yes, no, maybe can part one and part three of you exchange places / exchange part two if necessary collaborations / just you and me / spoil-sport approach an editor / I’ll edit yours if you’ll edit mine open your ears / hear the hedgehogs rutting / a little sex is acceptable pad and pencil on the bedside table / wasn’t strange noises that kept you awake time for something stronger than whisky / or something that will bring on a good howl you are a poem / with tastes eclectic / I’ll have that whisky now breaking out in a sweat / a haiku for the electric blanket left on where is the cat in this one-liner / I’m addressing you tonight / my poem out of hand dawn is breaking / sadly you’ve grown into a haiku with droopy eyelids you and your short outburst / well it gets the job done regretting dear haiku I hadn’t chosen you to be a quatrain / not today my narrow river of enchantment / cheesy / hmmmmmmm

Benita H. Kape © 16/4/2015

Some years ago I wrote lots of one-line haiku both alone and collaboratively. They have a place as does all poetry, but it is also very experimental. The only way to address this genre is to wait for the reply. Still have misgivings for this poem for this particular exercise / probably.