Angus and Buddha

Little  Boy  One  Today

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Sunshine Bridge


Sunshine Bridge


Whose Mad Scheme

Big Blue Bin

Whose Mad Scheme?


Whose mad scheme

was this? Right on

Christmas time, to

hire a skip and make

a clean sweep

of clearing trees,

privet in the main,

which is a weed here;

and climbers

and wandering jew

and jasmine gone crazy

and which for so long had

had control of big

areas of the yard.


This big blue monster –

nine cubic metre capacity

sits down the driveway,

half full already and with

five more days before

pick up.


They say

it is going to rain heavily

on Monday all of which

will add to a chargeable weight.

Farmers, orchards

and agriculturalists may be crying

out for rain: but not me. I pray

for the fine and not too hot

weather. Whose mad scheme?


Benita H. Kape © 16.12.2017


Mandala Floating into Poem – Poem Floating into Mandala

Mandala Aroha 2

Mandala Aroha



Windblown petals 1

Forking In


I bend and pull

and having cleared

a small area

begin to turn the soil

when, but a short

way into the digging,

the need to stand,

to  draw

a deep breath.


And on I go;

something calls

to be planted, to grow.

I see beans and lettuce

(and I must check

on that. Are they

companion plants?

I’ve forgotten).


But not for a day

or two, the planting

and sowing of seeds.

The soil is soggy.


will sweeten it.

And then too I add

more fertilizers. Quietly

pleased with today’s toil.

I’ll fork in the sweetners

after breakfast on the morrow.


I wheel the barrow away,

under the cherry tree

shedding her petals

smiling tender leaf buds

into a vivid season;

tuck tools into the shed

and as I step indoors

for my evening meal

a gentle rain shower

followed by

the deluge of dreams

and is the minds’

nightly forking in

of a day’s hard work.


Benita H. Kape © 4.10.2017


Water Stars (2)

Water stars