Round edges of stones

Round edges of stones

Benita H. Kape (c) 26.7.2018



Oblivious to camera Petra on rocks



Each singular and alone,

one to the other, the rocks

large and small; the cliff face

also allows her to absorb them



Shrubs and trees, small framings

absorbed whose twig trunk and,

leaf by leaf applaud. Stillness

is the applause that she,

in her own surrounding

way is still and not still

in this oneness; each

singular and alone

one to the other absorb:


the stepping step and

the camera moves on.


Benita H. Kape © 26.7.2018


Photo with the Answers


Petra waving to me


A Photo With The Answers


These moments come to me,

a small vibe, a tender unexplained thing.

Today, unlike so many other times,

I have the answer. It was you, dear child

on a seashore. It came from you

across rocks and ocean, and more land

and possibly a lake. But it arrived,

that big wave, a whisper of air

by the time it reached me.


Your small hand raised into the big

receiving sky which then manifest itself

as something warm, a small quivering.


I call that a Petra vibe, a tender quiver

explained now and cherished; little vibe,

vibrating in my heart forever. But look

your shadow sent me a wave too.

My heart is very full.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018



Sublime Childhood

Sublime Childhood Petra 1

Sublime Childhood

For Petra on the shore


Here the hand

of a four-year-old

stacking stones

on the shore, honouring

the ocean, as taught

to her by her Nonnie.

She gives a perfect

harmony, balance, beauty;

how has she achieved

this last slanting pebble

suddenly a bird, a dolphin

leaping, suspended,

artistically sublime;

in what we all want

for our children

and for our children’s children

and their children’s children;

a sublime childhood.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018