Phantom Lover

Benita First Baby unveiling etc 167

Phantom Lover


Why wake a gal like this?

Such surprise

And delight!


Hold me close

Dear husband

All through the night.


You had been gone

Two full years

When on this night

You returned.


Hold me close

Dear husband

All through the night.


Though I yearn

For the real

Flesh and blood

Of your body, my love.


What we shared

That one lonely night

Such a surprise

And delight.


Benita Kape © 8.8.2018


Unseen Things. Thanks for the invite Jilly.


A Step Further (for upcoming ModPo)


I couldn’t help myself. A notification of a 5-minute video came into my inbox. (It’s 4 am and not sleeping.) I watched Al and Gab on Wallace Stevens. Something about “Disillusionment at Ten O’clock”. And then I settled down to write. All I had was a drink of warm milk. Believe me, I have never smoked a joint in my life so even that is imagined.

A Step Further

after Wallace Stevens


I woke to heavy rain.

A poet doesn’t lie there

trying to go back to sleep.

She has grabbed her lasso

from the shed, waded out

to the flooded street. The cat

certainly doesn’t follow;

she sleeps on in her favourite chair.

The poet has hauled the croc

into the yard, into a swim pool

she’s long been meaning to install.

Overnight she accomplished

quite a lot.


Next morning, the neighbours

don’t believe her. She throws

a party (around her imaginary pool)

and by the time the neighbours roll

home they are amazed to have found

they too joined in the entertainment.

And even more amazed that on waking

they could find no evidence

of crocodile, pool or a tell-tale joint.


Benita Kape © 4.8.2018






The rain has held off –

It will be here by evening.


I’m pushing it

stopping, on the way home

at a newly opened Café

on Ormond Road

(when I’d promised myself

that I’d mow all the lawns

before the next

winter showers set in …)


Coffee only –

damn good though.

I almost forget

I’m starving:

well, not starved exactly

but no food is served here.

A damn good coffee,

and ambience –

a hum of voices

an excellent venue

for a Poetry Reading.


But there is no booze –


There’s always a catch

(but we could arrange

for a temporary license …)


At least I now know

where to come

for a damn good coffee.


And the rain held off –

at least part of that lawn

was mown;  two coffee

and we may have covered

the whole yard: three …


and I could have mown

the neighbour’s lawn

as well.


Benita Kape © 3.8.2018

MTB: Punctuation and enjambment for “dVerse” prompt

For this prompt, you can either punctuate an existing poem or write something entirely new poem.



Oblivious to camera Petra on rocks



Each singular and alone,

one to the other, the rocks

large and small; the cliff face

also allows her to absorb them



Shrubs and trees, small framings

absorbed whose twig trunk and,

leaf by leaf applaud. Stillness

is the applause that she,

in her own surrounding

way is still and not still

in this oneness; each

singular and alone

one to the other absorb:


the stepping step and

the camera moves on.


Benita H. Kape © 26.7.2018


Photo with the Answers


Petra waving to me


A Photo With The Answers


These moments come to me,

a small vibe, a tender unexplained thing.

Today, unlike so many other times,

I have the answer. It was you, dear child

on a seashore. It came from you

across rocks and ocean, and more land

and possibly a lake. But it arrived,

that big wave, a whisper of air

by the time it reached me.


Your small hand raised into the big

receiving sky which then manifest itself

as something warm, a small quivering.


I call that a Petra vibe, a tender quiver

explained now and cherished; little vibe,

vibrating in my heart forever. But look

your shadow sent me a wave too.

My heart is very full.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018



Sublime Childhood

Sublime Childhood Petra 1

Sublime Childhood

For Petra on the shore


Here the hand

of a four-year-old

stacking stones

on the shore, honouring

the ocean, as taught

to her by her Nonnie.

She gives a perfect

harmony, balance, beauty;

how has she achieved

this last slanting pebble

suddenly a bird, a dolphin

leaping, suspended,

artistically sublime;

in what we all want

for our children

and for our children’s children

and their children’s children;

a sublime childhood.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018