Come Walk With Me Into The Night

Ryan & I walk into the night


Come Walk With Me Into The Night


Come walk with me into the night.

The car is a fair way down the road.

We have a corner to round

And as we turn it you say

“That’s miles away,” or something

To that effect.


My car awaits me,

The driver a little way behind us.

A man across the river is singing.

How ancient and beautiful this sound.


We are parked by the river.

Lovely this late spring night,

The air and the ambiance of the city

Embrace us. We embrace each other.

My driver has already opened the car door.

We wish each other “goodnight”.


Benita H. Kape © 29.10.2018


Notes: Ryan, Dianne, Nicki and her daughter Maddy

and I had just been to dinner for Ryan’s 34th

birthday. Nicki had made Ryan the most incredible

cake; a fish, a replica of one Ryan caught two weeks ago.


This, at times, feels like a series of farewell poems.

This is not to be morbid but to record a changing

moment in my life.



I Only Have Eyes For Prince Harry

Prince Harry gets hugs

Prince Harry, Luke Vincent and Meghan — Photo Credit (AAP)

I  Only  Have  Eyes  For  Harry

for;  Little Luke Vincent


I only have eyes for Prince Harry

today when he visited my school.

The Principal guided me

in his direction, which was cool.

My name is Luke Vincent.

I only have eyes for Prince Harry.

I wore my sun hat and glasses.

I never noticed the world press

was here recording us. This, they

say, has gone viral. The Duchess

was there too and I gave her

a quick cuddle but, the truth is,

I only had eyes for Prince Harry

and his lovely red beard

which someone said; it was

a wonder of wonders, that

I was permitted to stroke.

I came back for a second touch

and a tickle. More cuddles

dear Prince Harry,

I only have eyes for you.

Please come again to Dubbo

and again bring the rain when you do.

My Principal and my whole school

love you. And yes, we love Meghan too.

Benita H. Kape © 21.10.2018

Prince Harry gets his beard tickled photo credit (AAP)

Luke Vincent & Prince Harry — Photo Credit (AAP)


Theresa May Dances to Abba


4338.jpg Theresa May dancing. photo credit Stephen Rousseau

Conservative Entry – Theresa May  —-  photo credit: Stephen Rousseau

Theresa May Dances to Abba


I once wrote “I couldn’t imagine

Theresa May hugging one of the Lions”

(as in members of the English football team).

But I’ll take that back because today

she is all over our TV screens

as she comes on stage dancing

to Abba; The Dancing Queen. (Her moves

are much improved upon since her African visit.)

So that Philip gives her a hug. But then,

being her husband, he’s allowed. And it

comes nowhere near dancing through

a wheat field as a child. It’s more than

a dry background shot. It’s the real deal. The lady

who was left with a kettle of worms while Boris

now dances in a field of dry grass; a real pain.


So dance Theresa May, woman

at England’s helm. Has Jacinda,

that laidback young woman from the Colonies,

shown you the laidback/lead-the-way edginess

as we move down the twenty-first century?


With dancing and babies, the women

are bringing reality to politics.


Benita H. Kape © 6.10.2018