NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 11 – Sapphic verse – Fragment Self Esteem


Fragment Self Esteem

 ‘less aware of love than fear’: from

Sapphic Fragments by Eliza Griswold


Once I could not have written so bold to fear,

although choosing not to work in couplets

Eliza, I shall repair to the classic

to tongue untied.


Some women shared only in their homes.

Blind-folded another, but not those who spoke

to a world that has now come to support us,

empower us more


in poetry, art, each creative mile stone

creating excitement, transcending the bad

reputation given woman through fear:

who was not to fear


but rejoiced, reclaimed, elevated;

sung in concert and academy, city hall.

Chase out that which was so often otherwise:

loose fear, stand in awe.

Benita Kape © 12.4.2015


Eliza Griswold was speaking to a different fear but a fear which is common to both men and women as is the fear I speak of here.