Airport – first post (post – NaPoWriMo)


 /running through art galleries /

from: “If Katherine Mansfield Were

My Best Friend” by Nina Powles


We’d been to a Women’s Writers conference and you

and I now laughing, happy,  running,  into the airport.

Such behaviour not summoning the attention of security

guards in the ‘80’s.


We giggled silly, silly jokes in the face of the ticket seller;

(still not a security guard in sight). His embarrassment

so delicious we hugged, and I said I wanted to fly to

Invercargill with you, and you said you wanted to fly

to Gisborne with me.


Later, I sent a postcard. Only the once I ran laughing and

happy into airports holding your hand. I try not to giggle

when I see security guards.


Benita Kape © 2.5.2018


Note: Seems strange not to have written a poem yesterday. But they are always close to hand and memories bring up new ones.


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