Come Walk With Me Into The Night

Ryan & I walk into the night


Come Walk With Me Into The Night


Come walk with me into the night.

The car is a fair way down the road.

We have a corner to round

And as we turn it you say

“That’s miles away,” or something

To that effect.


My car awaits me,

The driver a little way behind us.

A man across the river is singing.

How ancient and beautiful this sound.


We are parked by the river.

Lovely this late spring night,

The air and the ambiance of the city

Embrace us. We embrace each other.

My driver has already opened the car door.

We wish each other “goodnight”.


Benita H. Kape © 29.10.2018


Notes: Ryan, Dianne, Nicki and her daughter Maddy

and I had just been to dinner for Ryan’s 34th

birthday. Nicki had made Ryan the most incredible

cake; a fish, a replica of one Ryan caught two weeks ago.


This, at times, feels like a series of farewell poems.

This is not to be morbid but to record a changing

moment in my life.