Easter Egg Hunt

for: Petra and Angus

Which one, or both in tears.

Their Nonnie was moving

From her beloved house.

The only house they had

known for her

With its pool and palm trees.

Its fire-pit and fairy garden.

But it was time to move.

And how quickly the time.

Already Easter; huge grounds

in a grace and favour cottage

in the hills among magnificent trees.

Oh, what a place for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Benita H. Kape © 4.4.2021

Today’s prompt a complicated exercise of creating a Personal Universe Deck, then selecting four words from which to write a poem. I’ll create my Deck later. And for now, because I’ve been communicating with my Granddaughter via FaceBook, a poem for the Great-grandchildren.

This feels a little like cheating being a day ahead. Easter Eggs are for Easter Sunday morning. Well it is for me. I usually write my NaPoWriMo’s very shortly after the prompt comes out for the day. My place on the Meridians sets me a little forward of NaPoWriMo time. Anyway it’s Day 3 and I hope you will enjoy as I enjoy my Aussie loved ones who God knows when we’ll see them. It was to have been about this time last year but Covid put a stop to that. 



Mary is the name on all our lips today (Mary Oliver)


On the Loss of a Poet who said:

“the tree is my sister”

                        Mary Oliver

Mary is the name on all our lips today;

those who love nature,

those who love poetry,

geese and ponds, snow –

     things that are gentle

like all things in nature.

She gave us a thousand mornings

in but one poem

in many; spring mornings

or snow. She knows the sea

will go on doing its work.

And she is with Molly now.

Benita H. Kape © 19.1.2019