Photo with the Answers


Petra waving to me


A Photo With The Answers


These moments come to me,

a small vibe, a tender unexplained thing.

Today, unlike so many other times,

I have the answer. It was you, dear child

on a seashore. It came from you

across rocks and ocean, and more land

and possibly a lake. But it arrived,

that big wave, a whisper of air

by the time it reached me.


Your small hand raised into the big

receiving sky which then manifest itself

as something warm, a small quivering.


I call that a Petra vibe, a tender quiver

explained now and cherished; little vibe,

vibrating in my heart forever. But look

your shadow sent me a wave too.

My heart is very full.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018



Sublime Childhood

Sublime Childhood Petra 1

Sublime Childhood

For Petra on the shore


Here the hand

of a four-year-old

stacking stones

on the shore, honouring

the ocean, as taught

to her by her Nonnie.

She gives a perfect

harmony, balance, beauty;

how has she achieved

this last slanting pebble

suddenly a bird, a dolphin

leaping, suspended,

artistically sublime;

in what we all want

for our children

and for our children’s children

and their children’s children;

a sublime childhood.


Benita H. Kape © 25.7.2018