The rain has held off –

It will be here by evening.


I’m pushing it

stopping, on the way home

at a newly opened Café

on Ormond Road

(when I’d promised myself

that I’d mow all the lawns

before the next

winter showers set in …)


Coffee only –

damn good though.

I almost forget

I’m starving:

well, not starved exactly

but no food is served here.

A damn good coffee,

and ambience –

a hum of voices

an excellent venue

for a Poetry Reading.


But there is no booze –


There’s always a catch

(but we could arrange

for a temporary license …)


At least I now know

where to come

for a damn good coffee.


And the rain held off –

at least part of that lawn

was mown;  two coffee

and we may have covered

the whole yard: three …


and I could have mown

the neighbour’s lawn

as well.


Benita Kape © 3.8.2018

MTB: Punctuation and enjambment for “dVerse” prompt

For this prompt, you can either punctuate an existing poem or write something entirely new poem.