NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 29 – Write a review – Don’t Do Away With — and team

Don’t Do Away With — and team


Prime time slot

that extra half hour

that requires

a body to the garment

more research.

An,   ask the questions half hour.

Make it light.

Make it heavy.

For good causes

give us your money.

And in return we found you reliable.

Reliable reporting…

Some could think that to be a threat.

What was understood to be

a democratic role.


A definition of this prime time

slot, a one word alteration —   Entertainment.

Sorry ‘to the powers that be in this TV channel.

I will not be reviewing your so called entertainment.

I do not want to watch a dumb and dumber show’.

Benita Kape © 30.4.2015