Stiff Whiskers – Day 12

GloPoWriMo 2019


Stiff  Whiskers 

Weeks of detritus on the step

and you, you odd invention; part of which

a couple of springs; one for your neck

and one even stranger from which

your animal tail can swing. Your tin

body, your amazing ears and cheeks;

funny stiff legs. Your googly eyes:

knowing that a small flick and I can

make your head nod, nod, nod. (We are

in agreement then.) Whiskers, far too stiff

to be sensitive. I love your warped comedy

as much as I love any cat I have ever owned.

You’ll be around through the lifetimes of

the several cat lives this household has now

and will treasure in the possible future.

You are going nowhere. But I promise I’ll

sweep the step in the morning and water

the plants. And in spite of yourself,

there’ll be some nodding going on.


So why do I love you and love you

with a contrariness? Well, that’s because

my sister it was who shared your name.

She’d be appalled at that. I had hoped

you would have amused her. Not so.

But it goes without saying, you amuse me.

To give you away would be, in some strange

way, to give away a part of a very dear sister.


And nod, nod to that – no can do.


Benita Kape © 12.4.2019

Prompt Day 12: Write a poem about a dull thing you own and why and how you love it. Alternatively, what would it mean to you to give away or destroy a significant object.      (I actually do not find my metal cat dull.)