NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 17 – found poem – food packets and facebook – Clip the Instructions

I’ve followed the prompt from NaPoWriMo since day one. Several times I’ve thought OMG I can’t do that. Today I was about to break my rule for the month of following the prompt, but – well here I am again.

Clip the Instructions

found in the fridge and in facebook

Place in a safe microwave bowl

a four line poem

Meadow fresh yoghurt

Dried Cranberries

and Gravy

I would like some feedback

Good eggs

Alan and Percy

Metaphysical on

Flashback Friday

threads of harmony

implement activities

I would like some feedback

you must or you ought


I love … Hello, I’m Daisy

personally One Throne

Nelson …. clip the instructions

Coffee break

I would like some feedback


in a ten cup kitchen

They rifle the room

I might have to put this on my wall


It’s really hard for me to admit

until  one moment

When I talk through a murder

with my husband …

I would like some feedback


Benita Kape © 18.4.2015