Windblown petals 1

Forking In


I bend and pull

and having cleared

a small area

begin to turn the soil

when, but a short

way into the digging,

the need to stand,

to  draw

a deep breath.


And on I go;

something calls

to be planted, to grow.

I see beans and lettuce

(and I must check

on that. Are they

companion plants?

I’ve forgotten).


But not for a day

or two, the planting

and sowing of seeds.

The soil is soggy.


will sweeten it.

And then too I add

more fertilizers. Quietly

pleased with today’s toil.

I’ll fork in the sweetners

after breakfast on the morrow.


I wheel the barrow away,

under the cherry tree

shedding her petals

smiling tender leaf buds

into a vivid season;

tuck tools into the shed

and as I step indoors

for my evening meal

a gentle rain shower

followed by

the deluge of dreams

and is the minds’

nightly forking in

of a day’s hard work.


Benita H. Kape © 4.10.2017