Rink On

Rock and rink

Nuptial Photoshoot


roller rink at the beach …

rock & roll, hand in hand,

wave after wave they get the balance.


the high shot

looking down on them,


and that high sweep


don’t turn to look

artfully netted rocks, beachside:


(a city setting itself against future storms.)


later, upon opening up the photograph,

choose “Paint;” and having chosen text,

font, size and colour, in a blue wave

write on that big sweep of the rink



ignore them

rink on

or swim for your life


Benita H. Kape © 26.3.2019





The Witch’s Messenger – NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 16



The Witch’s Messanger
(Poem: made up from replies
to an Almanac Questionaire)

Dull and cloudy, green and lush,
here in my secret garden with
a view of the harbour where seals
fetch up as autumn sets in. My stucco
cottage, paths for dragons, and one black
cat asleep under the hibiscus. Down in
the harbour pine logs, harvested from
our great forests, are loaded onto ocean
going vessels. And I dream of going back
to Canada so I set up a trust, Panama-esk.
(Who thought of that?) Still it’s there so
they use it. I’m about to meet with
someone, but I can’t say whom, at
a café I love. However, they did not
then appear and I heard there had been
a road accident. One of the injured
was wearing a blue tee-shirt. Oh,
help that was me I say to my sister,
reliving a recurring nightmare. Now
we are both in tears as I reply to
the text you sent asking me who
wrote that graffiti about Panama, and
what time will you arrive, and no –
I don’t believe you are The Witch’s

Benita H. Kape © 16.4.2016

This was more fun.