Looking at a Sad Letter

Yogi Bear - Nan's corgi

Another family pup. This one a corgi and much loved

Looking Back on a Sad Letter

a couple and their companion


Well, did you get to South Africa you two?

I’ll make that three, because

if Anne is there, so too her Bichon Frise:

we must never refer to it

(and I can’t for the life of me

recall the name of the beast) as

simply a dog. Neither of you

took your little darling to golf

and golf was always your second priority.


We received the sad letter

saying Anne had passed

which included more than

a clipped Envoi saying

the Bichon Frise (in old age herself)

had succumbed soon after.

Oh Anne, I can see how grief

played its part; even in the doggy world.

Sorry: I meant to say in the world

of a Bichon Frise.


Then recently your life partner

joined you: ashes laid to rest.


Beyond the Boardrooms

the note from the Bichon Frise


Anne stood back and waited

here under the shady trees

where, with me, a Bichon Frise,

we have spent the past three years.

But as the cars approached: (I long

smelt something was up). I ran

to meet and greet: wuf, wuf. Geoffrey,

dressed smartly, tie perfectly pleated.

He’d sat in boardrooms which allowed

little or no informality.


At his first opportunity he’d loosened his tie.

You were right, he’d been working

on getting to South Africa for some months.




All that’s left to do (with a tinge of sadness)

is to wish the extended family we left

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful year ahead:

from me, a reunited Bichon Frise

and partners, Anne and Geoffrey.


Benita H. Kape (c) 6.12.2019


https://dversepoets.com/2019/12/05/mtb-o-apostrophe/ – A prompt in two parts called for by Gospel Isosceles (Amaya). Thank you for the challenge.

I have done my o-apostrophe poem PLUS its response here for d/verse. I enjoy working to these prompts. And having got thru this one I am ready to raise my glass.