Do Not Get Jumpy or Spooked: Day 13

GloPoWriMo 2019

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Do Not Get Jumpy or Spooked

(to: Dianne)

 I witness a woman who has gathered herbs,

essences from stone and tree and dragonfly;

she herself witnessing wisdom. She is oft-times

solitary in her preparations as she makes good

her essential oils; consults the crystals which call,

embracing nature and rock mysteries. Her cat

is of her household. Never has she owned

a black cat: her aura which signals each to each.

Do not get jumpy at primal energy, only a fool

would call that out for power:

full moon energy

embracing nature

the energy beneath

the energy above.

Do no harm to the earth.

Knowledge! What is to be feared?  Nothing,

when by compassion the Good Witch is directed.

Perhaps by meditation, her enlightenment

says to you ‘ask questions’. Then ask the Good Witch.


Benita Kape © 14.4.2019

Dragon Fly Essence

Prompt Day 13: Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something mysterious and spooky! Your poem could be about something that is mysterious and spooky in a bad way (like a witch), or mysterious and spooky in a good way (possibly also like a witch? It depends on the witch, I guess!) Or just the everyday, mysterious, spooky quality of being alive.