Erasure poem – NaPoWriMo 19.4.2018

Haiku: A Cloud

 The sun is going down. There is not a cloud in the sky. The leaves on the hedge next door glistens in the burst of the day’s last rays. This is a quiet street. The hibiscus has several buds almost ready to flower. If we have a frost tonight they may be damaged.


a cloud


frost damaged buds


Benita Kape © 19.4.2018


I have followed the prompt for today. Looked for a minimal response. Moved the word buds two places forward. Not seen this done with erasure poems. But then I decided to write the haiku backwards


buds damaged

frost glistens

a cloud


BK ©


Is there a third way I might do this? I don’t think so.



Our (optional) prompt for the day takes it cue from Brady’s suggestion that erasure/word banks can allow for compelling repetitive effects. Today we challenge you to write a paragraph that briefly recounts a story, describes the scene outside your window, or even gives directions from your house to the grocery store. Now try erasing words from this paragraph to create a poem or, alternatively, use the words of your paragraph to build a new poem.