Essay On How To Make Stars Dance

Someone once said poetry makes nothing happen. But how can that be? Because of poetry I can tell you that today it is a moon in a brown paper bag which I hand you. That is not all I can tell you.

You might think my bag weighted but I assure you it is as light as a feather. Between us, the cat and I play ping pong with my visiting moon in a brown paper bag. Light shines so brightly from our make believe moon the room is lit up. That is all the light we will ever need for our new game.

And then we take our brown paper bag and bright shinning moon out to the yard. The universe relieved to see its return. The stars are dancing. They thought the moon on holiday behind a cloud.

A holiday of sorts.

Benita H. Kape (c) 15.2.2022

Inspired by my sister-in-law who is without power after a cyclone.

Today we write prose for

How I love these prompts.


15 thoughts on “Essay On How To Make Stars Dance

    • She is ok. Just that they were out of power for a few days. She lives here in NZ. The cyclone hit here in my area as well and the very biggest tree in my garden came down. So very very lucky that it fell in the only safe way that it could have. When I looked out my back window the tree was bowed toward the house but it must have been very shortly after that it fell. And how did I learn that it had happened? My son was on facebook watching cyclone mapping and he said “gales have calmed down and Mum has a tree down” at which point I rushed outside to see what and where. I have to admit next morning when I awoke I felt the trauma of my lucky escape.

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