Shadow Ventures

Shadow Ventures

Still me in the sweet presence of poetry, still.

Words of love, words of pain, gentle words.

‘Til little by little, by little, and ’til

Birds sing their morning sonnets for birds.

Say simple things about poetry, let poems alone say.

Heart or head; each turn toward a truer heart.

Portray a journey, a route; a rainbow display.

Chart a few lines in sonnets own chart.

Many are those who sing, and for many.

Longing for orchestras; a sole voice of longing.

Eddy the notes on the air; a river of song eddy.

Glossing; to what shall we turn of glossing.

Aurora, a new song; carry the full day aurora.

Venture into the wonder of poetry, again venture.

Benita H. Kape (c) 12.2.2022

For d/Verse today a Shadow poem.

I don’t know about wonder of poetry. Difficulty! But then that doesn’t sound too poetic.


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