A Roget’s Thesaurus Poem

I found a note in my Roget’s Thesaurus today.
It had lain there for nearly fifty years. Did that
make it venerable? Antiquated certainly.

The note detailed the workings which could
be called a tutor’s plan reduced down to an
acronym: TOMIPASTA. (You’ll have to look
that up.) I found it novel. You could call it modern.
I am going for an acrostic for you Mr Roget;
similar but different to the acronym.

So before I confuse us further:

    Rock on Roget:  they would have said.
    Oh, my Lord:  they would have said.
    Goodness, gracious:  that too.
    Extraordinary:  others exclaimed.
    Treasury:  said the man himself.

Benita H. Kape (c) 19.1.2022

for Poetics d/Verse today: https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/18/poetics-the-poets-store-house/. Must say my Roget’s Thesaurus is stained and much used. It was part of a very big step forward in my poetic journey. But other than finding and examining that note I haven’t used it today.


Decisions, Decisions

Jack knew his roll to be the boring voice of reason. Looking at what he had written, still he hesitated. This might be what she wanted.

There was the other option. Go hard, go fast. He picked up the map and marked a cross. This was where the track moved inland. If they pushed it they would get there with a day to spare. That last day would make the difference. It would give them time to talk, to go over the why and wherefores. They had so many decisions to rake through this time.

On the other hand, to relax, to be idle, to give her a chance if needed. They could go hiking at a later date. Hiking was what usually took up their week-end.

Reason won “And bring no book for this one day. We’ll give to idleness.” His email said.

Benita H. Kape (c) 18.1.2022

Today for https://dversepoets.com/2022/01/17/prosery-bring-no-book/ Ingrid has given us a couple of lines from poem by Wordsworth to incorporate into our “prosery” writing. No poetry allowed for this. 144 words only (not including title). Can be Flash Fiction, Creative non-fiction.


Harry Harris Never Serious

Wiggly, woggly, Harry Harris
Set out to walk to Moscow.
Wiggly, wobbly, giggly goggly.
He got no further than the terrace.
None of which did dampen his spirits.
Harry Harris never serious.
Wiggly, woggly Harry Harris.

Benita H. Kape (c) 18.1.2022

This time we are to take on some narrative nonsense. I can recall how great my brother was at this kind of narrative when we were kids. Just trying to get him serious for a family photograph was almost impossible. So I guess I’ll dedicate this one to him. It took me a little while to get here but glad Harry Harris got to be.