Driving Into The New Year – a Haibun

I’ve completed on arrangements and now there’s a hold up. Nothing happens in some quarters when it is a public holiday. Celebrations are on hold for me. The banks are closed. Even on-line nothing happens. What I wanted, taking its time to activate. It’s as simple as not having entered my mobile number to my bank profile.

I’m not of fan of the ubiquitous mobile phone. Simple as that. Now I must wait for a vague and distant activation.

Then the celebrations will begin. The corks waiting to pop.


disappearing sleigh and reindeer

a new chariot

at my door

Benita H. Kape (c) 4.1.2022

Took possession yesterday afternoon. Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Driving Into The New Year – a Haibun

    • Very much so. I had the most amazing dreams last night. Can’t remember it all but a man pulled a huge roll of bank notes from his pocket. I knew it wasn’t enough to cover what I wanted. But this might have been that my son is here to help if I need. But yours truly is gonna remain independent. Stubborn! A little. But I don’t think we’d get there any quicker now. Cheers good to see you.

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