More Meningitis Moments

Sandy at the beach


Keep smiling darling

though bereft of two finger tips

per hand today;

and toes!

Haven’t yet been given

the count. Keep smiling darling.

These past months so difficult

and still you keep smiling.

‘Tis your nature and always was.

The nature of an optimist.

Benita H. Kape 6.11.2019


This Quadrille #91 “Keep”  is for my daughter who has been so brave and it was heartbreaking waiting to see how much would be amputated. Feet still heavily bandaged but last evening when visited she was in very good spirits. She’s so special and the true optimist. I delivered her myself when she was born; but hey that’s a whole other story.


Cat and Sun


Cat in afternoon sun on her/my bed

Cat and Sun

You stretch

in a patch

of morning sun.


Nothing disturbs you;

pretending to sleep.


As the sun shifts

so shift you.



on one side of the mat

now on the other.


Back on the chair

You chase your shadow.


Benita H. Kape (c) 17.7.2019

Cat thinks shadows

Languid even when chasing shadows