Tee Shirt, Avocado and Mountain – Day 20

GloPoWriMo 2019            Prompt Day 20: A talk poem


Tee Shirt, Avocado and Mountain


He arrives at my door bearing gifts; avocados.

But before I can thank him he begins talking

about the Tee Shirt I am wearing. That’s

a collector’s piece he tells me. I’m not sure

if he means me or my Tee Shirt, and awkwardly

we joke. I had one of those he says, but mine was

a shade of salmon. I can’t begin to picture

such a Tee Shirt on this man at my door.

I could picture that Tee Shirt avocado green;

the mountain in the background. My Tee Shirt

is pale blue. There’s something he’s not saying.


His Tee Shirt is lost he says. (Is he about

to go home and search through his drawers

I wonder?) Thank you for the avocados I say

and our conversation continues as I invite

him in for coffee. There was something

he wasn’t saying.


I can’t stay; we are travelling tomorrow

to visit my brother. I can see something

weighs heavy on his mind and he goes on

to tell me about his brother’s pole house

in a beautiful part of the country. The pole house

looks out on a beautiful mountain. But tears

have gathered in his eyes. He is telling me

he knows his brother will not have long

to look upon this beautiful mountain.

I, in turn, wish him a safe journey.


And as he goes I say how sad I am to hear

about his brother. Thank you for coming by

with the avocados was about all I could whisper.


Benita H. Kape © 20.4.2019