The Missing Year/s – Day 11

GloPoWriMo 2019    Prompt Day 11: Why “you can’t go back home”


A Missing Year/s   


There you go, my tiny diary,

as if I could go home when

I am now so grown.


Or this diary, bigger though it may be –

written; one page only.

What did I do with that elusive year?

I made a note that New Years’ Day;

just read Peter Pan – again!


Benita Kape © 11.4.2019


There is the calm – Day Ten


GloPoWriMo 2019      Prompt Day 10:  to use a regional weather phrase.


There is Calm     


there is the calm

and we wait


there is the calm

a few clouds no breeze


there is the calm

the birds cease their singing


animals, a dog’s loud bark

then silence


and we wait

the day is calm


it could be mild

it could be lukewarm


or distant thunder

those were the

explanations we later heard


there is the calm

a cracker of a day


were it not for the small fear

a tenseness


an intuition

some say served well


the eerie calmness

of earthquake weather


a world no longer still

though we remember always


before this: the calm

and then day turned to hell


Benita Kape © 10.4.2019


earthquake 2006