Two Beating Heart Poems each ending with a question

GloPoWriMo 2019    Prompt: Day 2  – to end a poem with a question




The Slippery Slope


There is the possibility

of a stent. My denials

on so many fronts. Of course,

this could go further,

a bypass or two, or three.

And then there happens to be

the issues with my sight;

one cataract operated on,

the other waiting, not

on growth but finances.


But look ye, more than that,

these eyes, both of them

victim to something known as

retinal occlusion. How many

years now these injections

to the eyeballs? The short

answer! Six.


Could this be my slow

and slippery slope to blindness,

stroke, a heart attack?




Raging River


The river raging

after overnight downpours.

But on these flimsy shores

our party cannot remain;

the forest here, not a refuge.

We seek the adrenalin

that river rafting brings.

First day had offered

calm waters, now this.

In the paddles go,

around the bend

and into the rapids.

And when it ends

I ask – “When will

we do this again?”


Benita Kape © 3.4.2019 for 2.4.2019  (I’m using my N.Z. time zone)



5 thoughts on “Two Beating Heart Poems each ending with a question

    • Thank you Sarah. When I had the cataract done the specialist said to his assisting Doctor “This patient is maliable.” I wasn’t sure whether to take that as a joke or a compliment. It was the latter because the more one can be still while the injection procedure goes on the better chances for a good result. (And yes I wrote a poem about that and also the time when a new young assistant knocked the chair at the crucial moment.) (No this is not going to be my poem that develops over a period of time 😉 ) Sometimes I am left feeling that I have had a small punch to the eye, which in fact I have.

      We never have enough time for writing do we? I started a novel making a joke of all the Doctor/hospital stuff; written about 7 chapters and those who’ve read it have good, very good words for it. But poetry always draws me and the other stuff gets put on hold.

      Yes, live well is the answer Sarah. I hope you got to see my poem – the self-portrait one a couple of days ago. I loved writing that. But then I love writing them all.


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