Instructions for a Rabbit Hutch 1.4.2019

GloPoWriMo 2019    Prompt:  Write a poem which gives instruction

Rabbit Hutch

The Instructions for a Rabbit Hutch


For more than thirty years, good fencing

built within our true boundary and with

respect.  But to the new neighbour:

please don’t pull the soil away, this poem

has ample air on this side of the fence.

Your rabbit, having easily slipped under:

now lives more in my yard than his own.

He has chewed each leafy lettuce poem.

Your rabbit has no respect for our carrots.

Here sir, are the instructions for a hutch.


Please neighbour, stop poisoning the poems

close to the fence: espaliered poems and fruit;

apples in the main. Let poems over here, on

my side of the fence be in prime: ripe and full

of nourishment and good health. All better lives

with good instruction and good management.


Oh, oh, new neighbour, my instructions to you firm;

no more planks you loosen and remove.


I am cautious on how I may best instruct

a man who comes so close to beating

wife and child. But with Easter close could

I organise an Easter Egg hunt for the kids,

a chocolate cake for Mum and Dad

and thus break the ice.


All I want in these instructions

is for new neighbours to be nice.


Benita Kape © 1.4.2019


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