Two Beating Heart Poems each ending with a question

GloPoWriMo 2019    Prompt: Day 2  – to end a poem with a question




The Slippery Slope


There is the possibility

of a stent. My denials

on so many fronts. Of course,

this could go further,

a bypass or two, or three.

And then there happens to be

the issues with my sight;

one cataract operated on,

the other waiting, not

on growth but finances.


But look ye, more than that,

these eyes, both of them

victim to something known as

retinal occlusion. How many

years now these injections

to the eyeballs? The short

answer! Six.


Could this be my slow

and slippery slope to blindness,

stroke, a heart attack?




Raging River


The river raging

after overnight downpours.

But on these flimsy shores

our party cannot remain;

the forest here, not a refuge.

We seek the adrenalin

that river rafting brings.

First day had offered

calm waters, now this.

In the paddles go,

around the bend

and into the rapids.

And when it ends

I ask – “When will

we do this again?”


Benita Kape © 3.4.2019 for 2.4.2019  (I’m using my N.Z. time zone)



Instructions for a Rabbit Hutch 1.4.2019

GloPoWriMo 2019    Prompt:  Write a poem which gives instruction

Rabbit Hutch

The Instructions for a Rabbit Hutch


For more than thirty years, good fencing

built within our true boundary and with

respect.  But to the new neighbour:

please don’t pull the soil away, this poem

has ample air on this side of the fence.

Your rabbit, having easily slipped under:

now lives more in my yard than his own.

He has chewed each leafy lettuce poem.

Your rabbit has no respect for our carrots.

Here sir, are the instructions for a hutch.


Please neighbour, stop poisoning the poems

close to the fence: espaliered poems and fruit;

apples in the main. Let poems over here, on

my side of the fence be in prime: ripe and full

of nourishment and good health. All better lives

with good instruction and good management.


Oh, oh, new neighbour, my instructions to you firm;

no more planks you loosen and remove.


I am cautious on how I may best instruct

a man who comes so close to beating

wife and child. But with Easter close could

I organise an Easter Egg hunt for the kids,

a chocolate cake for Mum and Dad

and thus break the ice.


All I want in these instructions

is for new neighbours to be nice.


Benita Kape © 1.4.2019