Wind In My Tail; Self Portrait – 2019 – 31st March

GloPoWriMo 2019          Prompt: To write a Self Portrait


Wind In My Tail, Self Portrait


I wear the colours black and white

with nothing in between.  My black

leather lips reaching high, hoping

for my mistress’s kiss.


I have never borne a kitten. I see little

company other than my own; and hers.


Food set out, the run of the cottage;

I long ceased to bring a near dead

mouse to her door.


She has set the boundaries. But I must

break out for play, and flip the mat

or creep beneath; and now I rush

from room to room.


She only laughs and says “You got

wind in your tail?” The evening agenda

ruined again.


Can she not jump from chair to chair?

slide across a slippery floor and flip

to fully reveal the whitest of white bellies.


Though I may sit on her warm knee,

and yes, close to her clothed belly;

I know it no match for mine.


One day will she not change places with me

while I write a poem about her?


Benita Kape © 1.4.2019 for 31.3.2019 NaPoWriMo 2019