Theresa May Dances to Abba


4338.jpg Theresa May dancing. photo credit Stephen Rousseau

Conservative Entry – Theresa May  —-  photo credit: Stephen Rousseau

Theresa May Dances to Abba


I once wrote “I couldn’t imagine

Theresa May hugging one of the Lions”

(as in members of the English football team).

But I’ll take that back because today

she is all over our TV screens

as she comes on stage dancing

to Abba; The Dancing Queen. (Her moves

are much improved upon since her African visit.)

So that Philip gives her a hug. But then,

being her husband, he’s allowed. And it

comes nowhere near dancing through

a wheat field as a child. It’s more than

a dry background shot. It’s the real deal. The lady

who was left with a kettle of worms while Boris

now dances in a field of dry grass; a real pain.


So dance Theresa May, woman

at England’s helm. Has Jacinda,

that laidback young woman from the Colonies,

shown you the laidback/lead-the-way edginess

as we move down the twenty-first century?


With dancing and babies, the women

are bringing reality to politics.


Benita H. Kape © 6.10.2018