My poem for NZ National Poetry Day 2018 Te Aroha

Te Aroha

for: Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford


Two months and three days;

It’s time I wrote a poem just for you.


So far I’ve only seen you

cuddly wrapped and wearing

your little green hat. On Facebook,

your Mum has shown a smidgen

of the lovely gifts sent your way.

Te Aroha, the country has said,

and respects your family’s

right to privacy.


Two months and three days.

We wait patiently for the release

of your first official photograph;

other than the one as a family

as you left hospital and went home

and your Mum took her dedicated

six weeks maternity leave. It can

be done. Prime Ministers can

take such leave same as any other.

Paternity, Maternity, working parents,

all need a time of leave.


But until that official photograph of you,

and because I am celebrating

one of the many good things

to come our way this year,

doing that, as always, through poetry –


Te Aroha National Poetry Day Aotearoa 2018


Our love for our country

Our love for poetry

Our love for family


Benita Helen Kape © 19.8.2018


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