Phantom Lover

Benita First Baby unveiling etc 167

Phantom Lover


Why wake a gal like this?

Such surprise

And delight!


Hold me close

Dear husband

All through the night.


You had been gone

Two full years

When on this night

You returned.


Hold me close

Dear husband

All through the night.


Though I yearn

For the real

Flesh and blood

Of your body, my love.


What we shared

That one lonely night

Such a surprise

And delight.


Benita Kape © 8.8.2018


Unseen Things. Thanks for the invite Jilly.


13 thoughts on “Phantom Lover

  1. Benita, my mom longed to dream of my daddy after he died, but she only got one dream like this. She loved to tell of it. Truthfully, it was enough to keep her warm til she joined him last year, 10 years after he left.

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  2. Somehow….and I can’t explain it….I feel this poem deeply. Perhaps it’s because 5 years ago I came so very close to losing my husband. Perhaps its because of a dream I had that was so REAL a number of years ago….a car drove up to me, driven by my aunt, and inside were my mother and father (all of them have been gone from this earth for quite some time) and there were beckoning me to come into the car. I woke in a cold sweat. I’ve never forgotten it.


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