Sweet As – phrases local (NZ) – 23.4.2018

Things I Hear Every Day

(This one’s is for Peter Gordon

who said I wasn’t to use Maori

unless I understood the words used.

Ka pai, nephew.)


Sweet As,         the day’s going well

Can’t you tell

Sweet As


Ka pai                         in the same frame

Sweet As                      for those bi-lingual


Ka Pai            (idiomatically – been a naughty boy!)  serve him right

                        to be hoped he won’t make

                        the same mistake again     Sweet As


I’m a box of fluffies      Sweet As


Crash Here     Sweet As           a good night’s sleep


Git Y’ laughin’ gear ‘round that           think mouth around this


Wachit Mate   Watch it, friend! Mind how you go!


See Ya Later    which, of course, I may not

                        or it’s to be hoped so


Sweet As


Tu Meke (Two MeKee)

Sweet As          awesome, good job


Tu Meke,  too much,       Sweets As


Benita Kape (c) 24.4.2018

NaPoWriMo 2018 image