Body and Thighs – Ars Poetica

Body and Thighs – Ars Poetica 


Hair that shines in the sun.

Strands that lift as in the wind,

a rearrangement, a lyric.


Eyes that observe

and lay aside images, selections

that are poems at poems conception.


Nose, you smell poems a mile away,

the salt air of the shoreline, the ever –

changing environment: the poem

coming ashore on her new sense of baptism.


The mouth whispering

or cursing, or singing

or silent or pausing.


The chin, addressing your audience.

The neck, ridged and aching

with poetry’s stubbornness

to survive her utterance.


Poetry’s fear in her breast;

her love in heart and her belly.

Poetry’s shoulders: I work past

the frozenness and pain and build

on Poetry’s thighs, birthplace,

energies centre, taking unexpected

muscle weight as knees bend

at poetry’s day to day tasks

or at poetry’s sporting fixtures.


Your body a Commonwealth

of poems in training; performance.

the podium of the body. Bodies

lined up and waiting.


The winds of poetry always

in your hair. Even when

the head is shaved there

will be poems in the body.


See your fingernails.

What poems lie under them?


Shorten your nails into a haiku.

Grow them and paint them

and write them outlandish.

Never scratch the eyes

out of the next poem you see.

Caress and manicure right

down to poetry’s cuticles,

the hair on your head.


Benita Kape © 13.4.2018


And here to dVerse

But I want to pay tribute to Dame Valarie Adams who is so dedicated to her sport of shot put and is beautiful as a person, a mother, a daughter, a wife. At present competing at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia.


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