Requesting a note to the sacred

I doubt I would ever be able to find this particular spot again and in fact have never been back to look but it remains with me a beautiful moment.


Alone on a Path at Morere


Who knows I alone here.

Who cares this surprise.

I alone, the mossy lipped slip

of a stream in a dank glade.

And come upon in a moment.


Nothing in the mind or about;

How she spoke to me of

the fecund and musk:

the paradigm of woman

and environment in such

an uncorrupted space.


Benita H. Kape © 30.7.2013


Take me back to Tamaranui – Day 3 NaPoWriMo 3.4.2018

Our task today was to write a list poem; possible names for bands, romantic novels or television programmes.


Take me back to Tamaranui


Take me back to Tamaranui

Recover, a love lost.

Chance developments,

Summer and other good news.


Should we meet again

Insatiable and other itches.

Elenor, loving the look.

If I could turn back time.


She wore pink flip-flops,

The fragrance of love.

A pizza pie romance,

Nothing quite like it.


Love and other cupboards to fill.

She wore a necklace

and a red headband.

Take me back to Tamaranui.


Benita Helen Kape © 3.4.2018

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