The Reply

The Reply

(after Glenys’s request

  made known to me)


A spring day,

what’s to reply to!

The season

just begun.

The sun is shining.

I speak between clouds.

The wind is chill.

Chill wind or no

the washing will dry.

Words come to me.

Poets and lovers of poetry;

there will always be poetry.


Benita H. Kape © 15.8.2017



9 thoughts on “The Reply

    • Yes, with a maiden name of Heintz I have a little German in me. My dad traced his great grandparents back to Berlin. Actually got in contact with a historian while we were in the city. My dad gave him the info he found. We’ll see if he finds any living relatives still in the country. Clouds and storms are very good at concealing grief. What is the poem in reply to?


  1. A summer day
    Sweltering, hot and sticky
    The season
    Ending soon
    The sun shining
    After weekend storm
    Trees tumbled over
    Walls crumbled down
    Clean up has begun
    Poet responds
    Wishing for fall
    And a chill wind

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