Fortuitously: Poets Are Doing This – NaPoWriMo 2017 – Day Seven – prompt: fortuitous poem

Fortuitously: Poets Are Doing This

(Saluting my fellow poets)


Poets are doing this in Erasure poems,

Free Verse and Experiments, Lyrical,

long or short. Like any good march,

they begin with “A” little and end

with “A Swarm”. They mention border

control; take care of the margins, there

are immigrants, the indigenous whose

turned around “folktales” remind how

ancient is an alternative truth, and it’s

long past time the boot was on the other foot.

A poem written as a cross.  All the poets

have left doggerel at home, many have

a tongue in their cheek suggesting

in the year of elections, it’s the Politicians

with a spoon in theirs. But today I’m

voting for a shorter poem by far. Fortuitously,

there are a few months to go to our elections

(though if you’re in America they’re just over).

Fortuitously, for a short time yet, I can forget.

But, I kid you; I need my moment as Cretan;

I have my nose in a new edition “Manifesto Aotearoa”

101 Political Poems”, a book of our many truths.

And yes, fortuitously the book arrived today.

Benita H. Kape © 7.4.2017


“A’  refers to the first poem in the book, (not it’s real title): by David Eggleton

“A Swarm” by Murray Edmond

‘folktales” again, not the full title. Poem by Mere Taito

Manifesto Aotearoa” first anthology of Political Poems in New Zealand.

Edited by Phillip Temple and Emma Neale

Today’s prompt:  A fortuitous poem! As an example of a finished “fortuitous” poem, here is Elizabeth’s own “State of Grace”.

Manifesto Aotearoa 001 (448x640)