OLYMPIC GAMES: For Valarie Adams poem written on the occasion of her marriage in April -shared for the Olympic Games 2016 -CHAMPION – NAPOWRIMO 2016- DAY 3 – prompt – write a fan letter

Valarie Adams


To: Valarie Adams

Today I saw your wedding photo

on the cover of a Woman’s magazine.

How beautiful, and may I say, girly

you looked. There was a new softness

about you standing there in the arms

of your new husband, a childhood friend.

We are more familiar with the ‘muscle

and stamina’ gal ready to compete or

step onto the podium receiving yet another


Shot-putter extraordinaire.

You were looking skyward, as I recall,

on your gold win, Commonwealth 2006;

for your Mum who died when you

were barely in your teens; inspired as

you sat with her and watched the Sydney

2000 Olympics.

In August you’ll go to Brazil, have another

And go girl you will. You have the heart

of a champion.

But this morning, Monday, and such a short

honeymoon we hear you are back into

your training. You are the champion,

reserving the girly look for your private

moments. A very small wedding very

far removed from the mega crowds

in a mega stadium. In your victory

walks you have the bearing of a Queen

and I think of Queen Salote.

Go girl go. Go the champion. Tonga

will share our pride in you.

Envoi:  New Year Honours 2016

And the poem grows as grows

your story. I bow in respect

Dame Valarie Adams.

Benita H. Kape (c) 4.4.2016


4 times World Champion

3 times World Indoor Champion

3 Times Commonwealth Champion

double Olympic Champion

New Year Honours 2016


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