T U M B L I N G – NAPOWRIMO -2016 – DAY 6 – food poem


I purchase my food
With plastic
Some of my food
Tastes like plastic.
They pump things
Like bacon and rump steak
With water –
To chickens adding
A fifth of their weight
In a process called ‘tumbling’.
That’s why I look out for organics
And never purchase
In haste.

Benita H. Kape © 5.4.2016

Prompt: Today  we are to write a poem to do with food. My ‘food tasting like plastic’ goes back to the outbreak of the War in Iraq. The Mayor of New York at the time told Americans not to  worry about the war and to go out to dinner as usual. At the time I was part of a group writing a Kasen Renku led by William J. Higginson on the outbreak of that war. Here is the link to that Kansen Renku



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