NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 5 – to deconstruct then reconstruct an Emily Dickinson poem.

Emily Dickinson  – 520


I started very early, took nothing and no one,

with me; but this, my open mind and heart


to the sea’s shore. Mermaids, already waiting,

waved, but did not speak though I saw the


questions on their faces. A similar curiosity,

I felt when Frigates in the upper floor extend


hempen hands presuming me to be a mouse

aground upon the sands. And now a wondrous


movement within me as the tide went past my

 simple shoe and past my apron and my belt


and past my bodice too, to meet those wet things

as wholly as a dew upon a dandelion’s sleeve and


then I started too, and the mermaids followed me.

Close behind I felt a sea of silver heels upon mine


own slim ankles. My shoes I let overflow with pearls,

though just as it began the jealous sea withdrew. He


saw I came alone and home alone; I am no bride to be.

Benita H. Kape © 6.4.2015


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